Courses and workshops

From workshops on making moisturizers, to courses that uplift your natural radiance, to polishing your aura, to the 1-Year biovedic beauty certification program, you will find a wealth of knowledge that spans the cycles of life. In person or online. Check the calendar for the dates that suit you best.

On-demand treatments

A wide array of services that uniquely combine ayurveda, aromatherapy, energy work for facials, purification of the senses, marma and intuitive massage, all customized to your needs of the moment. Simply ask.

In the blog this month

July: Three extraordinary exotic oils (pomegranate, prickly pear, açai)
June: Face to Grace is pregnant with a new anti-wrinkle product. Read more.

Special of the month

$3 rebate on the Face to Grace Insect Repellent for your beauty; valid until July 31, 2015; see http://new.facetograce.com/fr/portfolio/neem-insect-repellent.






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